Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ALERT # 3 SATSUKI- SHO April 19th

The Satsuki-sho will be held on April 19th at Nakayama racecourse. This is the first G1 race of the year for 3 year olds and the first leg of the Japanese triple crown series. Keibagold has this race pegged and analyzed for a winning play. This is a "paid" selection and will not be posted on this blog. I'm one for two in ALERT Selections this year, losing on Dream Journey in the AJC , January 25th and winning on Company in the Nakayama Kinen on March 1st. These are selections only and all monetary matters concerning how much to bet is soley determined by the purchaser. For prices concerning this race or other matters, feel free to contact me at keithhagstrom@yahoo.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

March 29th Recap

We got the first major G1 race of the year allowing for a profit for the last weekend of March. Our enthusiasm on Urbanity (see post March 24th) waned as the week progressed unfortunately my clients were recommended to use him at 11-1 in all exotic betting. He finished 9th.

Races Bet:3
Races Won 1
Amount Wagered:49,000
Amount Gain: 87,500
Net Profit: 38,500
Original Bankroll: 1,000,000
Bankroll Standing: 1,368,500
Net Profit: 368,500

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disappointment In Dubai

Vodka and Casino Drive both failed in their respective races in Dubai today leaving many racing fans stunned at the utter weakness of the two star horses. KEIBAGOLD had cautioned potential bettors to the diminishing form of Vodka earlier in the month( March 10th post) thus advising a " no bet"( March 27th post) on the second choice in the field. Casino Drive however, was expected to challenge the sub par field of the World Cup, but his 8th place showing was an astonishing dismal effort.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 29th Selections

Nakayama 12th Race ( Quinella)

3-14 3000
6-14 3000
9-14 3000
11-14 3000

Chukyo 10th Race ( Quinella)

3-12 2000
5-12 2000
9-12 2000
10-12 2000

Chukyo 11th Race G1 ( Ouinella)

4-8 5000
4-13 5000
4-15 5000
4-16 5000
8-15 3000
13-15 3000
15-16 3000

Dubai Selections


Ladbrokes: 6-1
William Chandler : 5-1


Friday, March 27, 2009


There will be no selections for Japanese racing tomorrow, March 28th.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This Sunday at Chukyo racecourse , the first major G1 race of the year will be held, the 1200 meter turf Takamatsnomya Kinen. With most of the contenders coming into this race from a layoff aka Sleepless Nights or horses struggling to find form such as Fine Grain or Kinshasa No Kiseki, there very well could be an up-start that wins this race. KEIBAGOLD is looking at a decent play on Urbanity, with leading jockey Norhiro Yokoyama on board. Check back later!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vodka Looking Sharp

Vodka had two early workouts in Dubai today and all indications point to a horse that's fresh and ready to go. Connections will have her out again tomorrow and light canters on Thursday and Friday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 21& 22 Recaps

Missed our big tickets on Sunday but overall a good weekend.

Races Bet: 5
Races Won: 2
Amount Wagered: 68,000
Amount Returned : 158,000
Net Gain: 90,000
Original Bankroll: 1,000,000
Bankroll Standing : 1,330,000
Net Profit: 330,000

Unrivaled Takes Notice

The G1 Satsuki-sho later next month which was shaping up to be a two horse race all but changed significantly as Unrivaled stormed the Nakayama stretch and captured the all important Spring Stakes yesterday. Ridden by top jockey Yasnari Iwata, Unrivaled posted the biggest speed rating of any 3yr old this year and has shaped himself as a major threat for the upcoming classic races.

Kings In Form

Aksakusa King didn't prove he was the best long distance horse running now but certainly has claim to being in the best form. Kings won the 3000 meter Hanshin Daishoten on Sunday over some listless contenders for his 2nd win in as many tries this year. The return of Bruce Lee Oken and Japan Cup winner Screen Hero was quite diminished as both horses failed to fire. The Daishoten is a prep for the Autumn Tenno-Sho later this spring.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 22nd Selections

Good results today! Lets keep the profit for the most part and play a few races tomorrow.

Nakayama( Quinella) uma-ren
7Race 1-5 2000
3-5 2000
5-9 2000
5-13 2000

11 Race 1-2 10,000
1-12 10,000

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 21 Selections

Nakayama ( All Quinellas today) uma-ren

3 Race 2-13 3000
8-13 3000
10-13 3000
13-15 3000

9 Race 2-11 3000
3-11 3000
8-11 3000
9-11 3000

Chukyo Racecourse

5Race 3-7 5000
4-7 5000
7-10 5000

Screen Hero vs Bruce Lee In Hanshin Daishoten

How the tables have turned! Going into last years Japan Cup the much herald Oken bruce Lee off a win in the Kikka-sho was one of the probable favorites to win the race but 11th choice Screen Hero suprised the racing community by capturing the prestiges race. They meet again this Sunday in the G2 Daisho, a step race for the Spring Tenno-sho. This time Hero will be the prohibited favorite while Bruce looks to recapture the spark that made him one of the best.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

REQUEST SONG Targets Spring Stakes

3yr old contender Request Song has been entered in this Sundays Spring Stakes, a major prep for the Japanese Derby. Ridden by Hiroki Goto, Song won his debut in January in impressive fashion and followed that up with a 2nd place finish on an off track one month later. The top 3 finishers will receive automatic entries in the Satsuki-sho, the first G1 major of the year, later next month.

Monday, March 16, 2009

March 14th and 15th Recaps

Races Bet: 6
Races Won: 0
Races Lost: 6
Amount Wagered: 73,000
Amount Returned: 0
Net Gain: 0
Bankroll Standing: 1,240,000
Original Bankroll: 1,000,000
Overall Net Gain: 240,000

Terrible track conditions this past weekend but my handicapping had this in mind so no excuse here for a very bad two days!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 15th Selections

2 races today at Nakayama

* exacta
+ quinella

5th race

1-3 2000+
3-4 2000+
3-5 2000+
3-10 2000+

7th race

2-9 3000*
2-10 3000*
9-2 3000*
10-2 3000*
1-2 2000+
2-15 2000+
2-14 2000+

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 14th Selections

All Nakayama today.

My top race will be with Silky Cute in the 7th.
* exacta + quinella

2-9 3000*
9-2 3000*
9-11 3000*
11-9 3000 *
6-9 5000+
4-9 5000+

8th Race 5-10 2000+
4-5 2000+
5-13 2000+

10th Race 1-3 2000+
3-6 2000+
3-7 2000+
3-11 2000+
3-13 2000+
3-15 2000+

12th Race 7-10 2000+
6-10 2000+
10-13 2000+

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is Vodka On The Downturn?

Vodka had her first start of the 09 campaign in the Grade 2 Jebel Hatta in Dubai. She finished 5th after running reasonably well after the final turn. The connections have discarded the race as merely a warm up for the G1 Duty Free on March 28th. I however, beg to differ. Vodkas speed rating has decreased in 3 consecutive races and the class that she was racing against in the Jebel was a very unremarkable bunch. Keibagold is cautioning betting her at the early post odds that are now available. Attractive as they are lets wait on this for awhile!!

March 7&8 Recaps

Races Bet 2
Won 1
Lost 1
Amount Wagered: 36,000
Amount Returned: 77,000
Net Gain : 41,000
Bankroll Standing: 1,307.000
Original Bankroll: 1,000,000
Overall Net Gain: 307,000

Sat. March 7th

Nakayama 11 Race # ( Exacta) + ( Quinella)
6-11 3000 #
11-6 3000 #
9-11 3000 #
11-9 3000 +
7-11 3000 +
11-13 3000 +

Surplus Singer had the pace I wanted but twice now in as many tries failed to finish coming in 5th.

Sun. March 9th

Nakayama 9th Race
1-2 3000 #
2-1 3000 #
1-7 3000 # *****
7-1 3000 +
1-3 3000 +
1-12 3000 +

Yohoyama can do no wrong as we find value on this hot jockey once again bringing in Omega Falcon.
1-7 paid 2570

Buena Vista: The Next Star Horse

This past weekend saw the Tulip-Sho and Yayoi-sho all but produce the favorites going into the spring classics later next month! Buena Vista winner of the Tulip had the most impressive sudden acceleration of any racehorse that I've wittnessed here in Japan. I'll say it now, this fillie has all the indications of easily winning the Oaks on April 12th and the Derby as well.

Logi Universe was less impressive in his win in the Yayoi running 2.03.5 the slowest time of this race since 1999. Bad track conditions not withstanding 2yr old horse of the year Seiun Wonder looked empty from the start and finished a very dismal 8th. The Satsuki-sho on April 19th is shaping up to be a showdown between early pace setters Logi and Kisaragi-sho winner Return The Crown.