Friday, December 31, 2010


  1. Well, another year has past with its natural ebbs and floes, excitements, disappointments, and the inevitable days of the obligatory mundane. I would like to thank the 8956 hits on my blog. My counter registers clicks, and not I.P addresses thus its not as

impressive at first glance but nevertheless I’m quite satisfied. A “shout out “ to Sean & Robert who are my main stay followers and quite fine handicappers themselves.

Not quite the profitable year as previous ones (considerably less) on the blog. The total profit was 76, 000.

However the total profit from the blog since its inception is standing at 673.000

The win & lose standings: Races Bet: 131 Races Won 38..Races Lost 93

CHANGES: From 2011 I’ll make it more assessable to see the current “win/loss and recent race results. I’ll add more links to some of my favorite racing sites. I’ll add a “ chat corner”. I will also try to do more posting during the week other than my weekend selections. That 8956 hit total no doubt will exceed if there are reasons to check-in more often, I’ll try to convince people who personally email me to go over to the blog, but that there is the rub. People cant leaves messages on without first signing up. Though it takes just a few minutes it certainly can be a hinder to some. I would like more Japanese to add to the discussions but certain things like this makes it more difficult. Also Blogspot is limited to what I would really love to do and the reality of what I CAN do on this free site. After some testing if remaining dissatisfaction continues then there will be a probable site move to a different host. A very exciting new addition starting on January 8th will be my “ Charity Race Selection”. I will wager on one particular race every Sat & Sun with ALL the profit or return going to Charity. This will continual through out the racing season until Dec 25th 0f 011. Even though this will be continuous on my part I will Sponsor a Charity Race Day at least four times this calendar year asking punter/gamblers alike to pledge money to wager on a selected race. The actor Edward Norton has already approved this effort and he has sent a personal message of successes to this unique endeavor. Read more about Mr. Norton’s site at . Another of my favorites that really make a difference is .…..and last but not least .

( if the charity links don't work>>> copy and paste into google or yahoo)

I had 79 customers throughout the 010 Racing season, ending with 42 going into the New Year. There will be some changes. The price will be reduced to 5000 for two months. I had a lot of pit stop customers who paid for a monthly subscription. Subsequently if I had a losing month during this time , they didn’t renew. The lesser charge and added time allows me to “ turn things around” and keep more customers which is a priority for this site next year. I also would like to sponsor more events. This year we had one event with a turnout of 16 guest. It was fun and a lot of “ racing talk” which is the best kind!


Personally, I had a profitable year. However this was the first time I didn’t crack the 1, 000,000 day mark in three years. Although I came close with a daily tote of 800, 000 twice! My strategy as it has always been is to wager heavy early in the dirt races, which I specialize in, and double down in the afternoon races hoping for a big score. Unfortunately I didn’t do as well in the afternoon races as previous years so my profit dwindled.. I like “ action” thus I wont change my strategy as absurd as it sounds!


I will start two on-line ventures in 011. . This site already has a built in profit margin as all the advertisers are line up.

Launch Date. March 01 a marketplace dedicated to the talent and entrapunear spirt of the Japanese people. No Hello Kitty Here!!!

Also I’ll be meeting with some high profile gamblers in August to pitch what I call “ ”. I truly believe this will revolutionize the way people will wager on sports. I’ll also will compete in the Hilton Super Contest , barring a lock-out by the NFL>


I will not drink any alcohol-induced drinks from January 1st to June 10th! Why June 10th.? It will be my 45th birth day and what a better present than to be healthy and have a functional liver. I will get certified by a TM teacher at I will continue with my yoga training and visualization session accompanied with the material of

Friday, December 24, 2010

ALIMA .... They're Coming For You BUENA!!

Need to defend the RAIL BRUCE. Fujisawa & Ando Getting it right this time? Hey remember me? I'm the defending CHAMPION pinheads!

It's certainly understandable with all the hoopla surrounding Buena Vista and the deserving accolades of this year 3-yr-olds, that # 12 DREAM JOURNEY would be flying under the radar. The 2009 returning Alima champion hasn't had the headline making season as the one leading up to last years race but nevertheless I'll wager come Sunday that many people will once again be reminded of his splendor. Hopeful but doubtful he'll get the same fast fractions as last years race but DREAM has proven to be a very versatile runner at any pace.**********************************************************************************

#13 OKEN BRUCE LEE got an early Christmas present gift wrapped in the name of Norihiro Yokoyama. Yokoyama has been a top jock for many reasons but the ability to "hug the rail" as he often does at Nakayama is the main reason he could very well notch his second Arima victory. Trainer Otonashi"s strategy has been written on the wall all week in training.BRUCE has been training with three horses while he runs on the INSIDE. A good position? Good fractions, not necessarily fast but at least moderate? a clear rail?..and we have a possible 18-1 winner.*****************************************************************************

I'm going to guesstimate that #14 PELUSA has a gate problem and not a starting one. That subtle difference makes me believe we could finally see this talented horse at his best. Four consecutive bad starts in Fuchu but now a new track and a new GATE. There is a quiet confidence in the Fujisawa camp and its probably because they believe they finally got it right!******************************************************************************

#7 BUENA VISTA is a GREAT horse and she will go down as one of the all-time best. HOWEVER,
as a gambler its difficult to find a place to put her as value and besides there are obstacles. People forget that she has a penchant for coming in second( last years Alima!) particularly on clockwise courses. Soumillion hasn't ridden since his suspension and navigating a new course on Vista could be hard doings. This is his third ride on Buena which should be a charm. I'm wagering it isn't.

#8 MEISHO BELUGA winning the Kyoto Daishoten on October 10th, ahead of Bruce Lee you would have thought that you were suffering from an acute case of double vision. They both have similar running styles. What's interesting to note is that the total races combined by these two is 47, BUT this is the first time at Nakayama for either of them. Looking at past video, they literally look much stronger and more confident running clockwise compared to counter-clockwise. Gonna wager the new venue will be kind to at least one of them if not both.******************************************************

#10 EISHIN FLASH had almost the same fractions in the Japan Cup as he did in the Derby which he won. He was up on the leaders earlier in the Cup as was not the case in previous races. Probably a conditioning reason considering his layoff. Gonna factor him here just in case that glory form returns.****************************************************************************

Hiroki Goto has had a successful riding season and he has recently become a giant Trifecta buster in the Alima. For this reason I'm going to keep him near my coat tails with #2 NEVER BOUCHON and hope a 45-1 shot can complete a very sweet trifecta.*******************************************************************************


Key #12 on top+ with (7,8,10,13,14 for 2nd)+ ( 2,6,,8,10,13,14 for 3rd)
Straight Trifecta ¥1000 26 tickets

Key #13 on top+with ( 7,8,10,12,14 for 2nd)+ ( 2,6,,8,10,12,14 for 3rd)
Straight Trifecta ¥500 26 tickets

Key #14 on top+with ( 7,8,10,12,13 for 2nd)+ ( 2,6,7,8,10,12,13 for 3rd)
Straight Trifecta ¥500 26 tickets

Key #12 with 2,,7,8,10,13,14,
Random Trifecta ¥1000 15 tickets

Key #13 with 2,7,8,10,14
Random Trifecta ¥1000 10 tickets

Key#14 with 2,,7,8,10
Random Trifecta¥1000 6 tickets

#12 with ,7,8,10,13,14
Each-Way Exacta ¥2000 10 tickets

#13 with ,7,8,10,14
Each-Way Exacta ¥1000 8 tickets

#14 with ,7,8,10
Each-Way Exacta ¥1000 6 tickets
Buena Vista Savers
7-12-13, 7-12,14, 7-13.14, 7-13-12, 7-14-12. 7-14-13 ( Straight Trifecta) ¥2000 6 tickets
7-8, 7-10,
Each-Way Exacta ¥3000 4 tickets

TOTAL WAGER: ¥170,000

A tidy sum for this blog but with a few recent wins we'll escape with another profitable year even( barely) with a loss. However the optimist, I would like to finish out with a bang. For those casual readers the many ticket plays look a nut shell I want

#1 DREAM JOURNEY to WIN !! or BRUCE LEE & PELUSA...if any of these horses fail to win then we are looking at a loss. If any of my top horses get caught by say, Victoria Pisa, Rulership, or any other of the remaining five horses its a big ZERO return, but hey its been fun. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Big Question?

Finishing is not the problem for Pelusa. A good start and Vista has a Challenger!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who's It Gonna Be??


母ビワハイジ 母父Caerleon
牝4 C・スミヨン 55 松田 博資

母ローズバド 母父サンデーサイレンス
牡3 武   豊 55 橋口弘次郎

母オリエンタルアート 母父メジロマックイーン
牡6 池添 謙一 57 池エ 泰寿

母ホワイトウォーターアフェア 母父Machiavellian
牡3 M・デムーロ 55 角居 勝彦

母シルバージョイ 母父Silver Deputy
牡5 横山 典弘 57 音無 秀孝
福井 明

母アルゼンチンスター 母父Candy Stripes
牡3 安藤 勝己 55 藤沢 和雄
山本 英俊

父King's Best
母ムーンレディ 母父プラティニ
牡3 内田 博幸 55 藤原 英昭
平井 豊光

母グレイトサンライズ 母父Caerleon
牝4 四位 洋文 55 松永 幹夫

母パパゴ 母父Sadler's Wells
牝5 蛯名 正義 55 池添 兼雄
松本 好雄

母エアグルーヴ 母父トニービン
牡4 岩田 康誠 57 池江 泰郎


母シャンソネット 母父Mark of Esteem
牡3 F・ベリー 55 松田 国英


母パールネツクレース 母父Mill Reef
牡7 後藤 浩輝 57 伊藤 正徳
廣崎 利洋


母エヴリウィスパー 母父ノーザンテースト
牡4 三浦 皇成 57 池江泰寿


母ジャスーラー 母父Sadler’s Wells
牡4 福永 祐一 57 松元 茂樹
吉田 照哉


母トゥザヴィクトリー 母父サンデーサイレンス
牡3 C・ウィリアムズ 55 池江 泰郎


母エアグルーヴ 母父トニービン
牡3 C・ルメール 55 角居 勝彦

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 19th


11th Race...#5,#8,#10,#11 .....Before the jockeys were announced these were my highest rated horses. Coincidentally all foreign jockeys got named to ride all four . Nothing even close to being scientific but expecting a one-two finish out of this group.

The Wager 5,8,10,11 Gaijin Each-Way Exacta Box ¥1000

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 18th


11th Race..#3 Shonan Alba...One of my favorite horses where he loves to be. A dark horse at over 20-1. Jockey Shii was in the same spot on October 3rd at 32.1 coming in 2nd.
# 15 Urbanity.....Another 20-1 shot that is dangerous at 1400M

The Wager: #3 with 2,5,8,10,13,14,15 ¥1000 Quinella
#15 with 2,5,8,10,13,14 ¥1000 Quinella

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juvenile Fillies

Hanshin 11th Race

# 8 Pure Opal...She lead with a blistering 32.9 high pace and still showed no signs of tiring clocking in at 1.08.0 on Sept 18th in Nakayama. With nearly 10 weeks off and a first time race at the longer distance ,the odds are priced appropriately at 24.8. Still all in all, if the off time did her well she certainly could figure.

The Wager: ¥10,000 show ticket

8-11, 8-14 ¥500 Each-Way Exacta
8-11, 8-14 ¥2000 Wide Ticket

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 11th


10th Race...#6 Air Wolf...profitable horse for the blog. Will continue to wager on him while he is running well.

The Wager..#6 with 2,3,8,12,15 ¥1000 Quinellas

11th Race...# 7 Gestalt..Another above-average 3yr-old out of a crop of many from this year.

The Wager...#7 with 1,4,5,9,16 ¥1000 Quinellas

Odds & Ends

The 5th race in Nakayama has a strong trainer/jockey angle on #13 Block Chord

The 7th race in Nakayama has one of the strongest favorite plays on #2 Liberty Valance @ 2.3

The 7th race in Kokura has an interesting surface/jockey switch on a Sunday Racing Co horse at 15-1....#13 Crawford

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Japan Cup Dirt

Hanshin 11 Race

If last weeks Japan Cup was G1 on steroids, then conversely tomorrows Japan Cup Dirt is a G1 on training wheels. Minus the pageantry and big names, the Dirt is still an enticing race.

The November 7th Miyako Stakes had some impressive " rating results," in particular the top two finishers. Transcend has gotten the lead in three out of his four previous starts from all different gates. Looking to be the sole pace setter here, he should have a clear run to continue what he has been doing , putting in quality starts. .

Kings Emblem came of the pace to nab a second place finish behind Transcend in the Miyako. This race could be all deja vu, as the race fractions look to be similar to those on Nov7th.

Aliseo is following in the hoof prints of Reach The Crown by switching surfaces.There is nothing to indicate that he cant be successful. I would rather be on him than off in this spot.

There are a lot of things going against Vermilion, age & layoff, just to name a few. Recent workouts give reasons to think there might be one more big race left in this savvy dirt veteran.

The Wager:

# 3 with 2,7,10... ¥4000 Each-Way Exacta
# 2 with 7,10 ......¥2000 Each -Way Exacta
# 3 with 1,11,13,15,16 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

* profit index on every ticket except 1-3, 3-1......

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 4th

Hanshin 12 Race

#5.. Omega Blue Hawaii.....0 for 4 in previous races since August. Hasn't been over matched but she cant seem to find the fractions or rhythm to get a quality run.

The Wager: #5 with 4,8,9,10,14..¥1000 Each-Way Exacta
#5 with 4,8,9,10,14...Random trifecta ( 10 tickets) ¥1000

F.Y.I. Omega Blue Hawaii has been the most touted horse on this blog. This will be the 4th time she has been a main ticket play. The results...0-3....minus ¥32,000.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Japan Cup.. The Young Guns vs Buena

Hanging over the hopes of 17 owners is a " Wanted Poster" of one Buena Vista. The reward for capture is three million dollars and a photograph taken in the winners circle. There are four young guns for hire that have a chance to lasso the fillie, particularly the leader of the gang Eishin Flash. Benefiting from
a promising bloodline that has already produced Europe's Horse Of The Year, and one of Japan's most aggressive jockeys , this horse has all the moxie to be more than a mere flash in the pan.

Take Yutaka was quite correct on his estimate of Rose Kingdom. " I haven't seen his best yet".
His best will be needed tomorrow but with the ease Take has been riding this budding superstar in his previous two mounts, the third one might indeed be the charmer.

There wasn't a more impressive ride on this track and distance than the one Pelusa raced on May 1st. Yes, his gate troubles have to be acknowledged but we could very well be capturing lightning in a bottle if its a honest run tomorrow.

Arguably if Victoria Pisa had stayed in Japan instead of opting for France, there very well might have been some very different G1 and G2 results. Pisa was the Derby favorite who has done nothing wrong except get on an airplane. Trainer Sumi is a master of conditioning that should have this horses aim right on target.

Though not a young gun, Jaguar
Mail, has a potentially deadly draw
that must be respected. He should have plenty in his tank after basically just going through the motions in his last two races.
The Wager: 6-16, 10-16, 16-10, 16-6. ¥5000 Each-Way Exacta
2-16,16-2, 7-16,16-7, 8-16,16-8..¥2000 Each-Way Exacta

6-16-with 2,7,8,10 ¥1000 Straight Trifecta
16-6 with 2,7,8,10 ¥1000 Straight Trifecta
10-16 with 2,6,7,8 ¥1000 Straight Trifecta
16-10 with 2,6,7,8 ¥1000 Straight Trifecta
#11 Nakayama Fiesta...Getting an inflated price because of his most recent success overseas.
Of course capable but wagering that he will disappoint tomorrow.

#14..Oken Bruce Lee....lightly raced this year. It will be a tall order to duplicate last years terrific run.


7th Race

#12 with 2,4,5,9 ¥1000 Each Way Exacta

8th Race

#11 with 1,3,4,5,15 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta


#17 with 1,6,9,13,16 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Friday, November 26, 2010

November 27th

Kyoto 6th Race

#14 Celebrity....Good spot play on a Shii/ Sumi combination. This trainer /jockey combination is hitting at a 38% ratio in maiden races. Subtract the lowly dirt % of 0-9, this turf angle has proven a good long term play!

The Wager: #14 with 6, 7,9,10,17 ..¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mile Championship

Kyoto 11th Race

#2 Smile Jack...For three consecutive races from March 21 to June 6th did any horse have as competitive fractions as Jack had. A true miler , after a 4 month break, Jack went up in distance in the G2 Mainichi Okan where he ran admirably but fell short.The Tenno-sho showed nothing except that this horse has developed nicely into a mid-pack stalker regardless of the distance. Back at 1600m and with 2 quality races in the books, perhaps that Spring form will be regained and get a good horse over 10.1 on the boards.

The Wager: #2 with 4,8,11,12,15,16....¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Long shot saver...# 12 Absolute...too good of horse to be at 50.0. After nearly 5 months off I'm not so certain his form will be off!

The Wager: #12 with 4,8,11,15,16...¥500 Quinellas

Total Wager: ¥14,500....Profit index on every ticket from 8-2 ( 49.5) to 11-2 ( 145.0)

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 20th


9th Race.... # 6 Air Wolf.. Has been the favorite the last four consecutive races but hasn't produce as well as he is capable of. We can throw out the previous race on the 7th of this month with it's ridiculously slow pace and wager that the fractions will be faster tomorrow along with the welcome addition of jockey Soumillion who has ridden Wolf to his only two wins of his career.

The Wager..#6 with 3,4,8,12,13,15 ¥1000 Each-way Exacta

Total Wager ¥12,000 with a profit index on every ticket from 15-6 (30.2) + ¥18,000 to 12-6 ( 120.0) + ¥ 108,000

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 14th Queen Elizabeth

Kyoto 11 Race

#9 Meisho Beluga..She has been running with the boys in far superior races than any of her counter parts. She might prefer additional distance but class could very well compensate for it here.

The Wager 5-9 ¥5000 Quinella ...#9 with 6,11,12,14,17 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Total Wager: ¥15,000....Expected profit index on every ticket from 5-9 (5.7) +10,000¥to 14-9 (145.7) + 130,000¥

********* #11 has been scratched from the race. Will play #7 as an alternative ticket.

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 13th

Tokyo 10th Race

# 8 Urbanity..Very sharp fractions throughout the Swan Stakes on October 30th in Kyoto and now back at his most successful venue.

The Wager..#8 with 3, 4 10,11,13,16 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Total Wager ¥12,000 ........ Profitable index expectancy on every wager from 8-4 ( 25.4) + ¥13,000 to 16-8 ( 94.3) + ¥82,000

Kyoto 12 Race

#2 Omega Blue Hawaii..Has been running in a class that she can compete in and it continues with this race here.

The Wager...#2 with 5,7, ¥2000 Each Way Exacta #2 with 8 ¥1000 Each-Way

Total Wager ¥10,000 .......Profitable index expectancy on every wager from 7-2 11.1 ( ¥+2000) to 8-2 (39.5)
+ ¥29,000

Nov 13th wager total ¥23,000.....Profitable index expectancy on every wager except( Kyoto 7-2 -¥1000)