Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 19th


11th Race...#5,#8,#10,#11 .....Before the jockeys were announced these were my highest rated horses. Coincidentally all foreign jockeys got named to ride all four . Nothing even close to being scientific but expecting a one-two finish out of this group.

The Wager 5,8,10,11 Gaijin Each-Way Exacta Box ¥1000


Sean said...

Gaijin power!
5-10-11 4000 yen
10-11 2000
5-10 2000
5-8-10 1500
8-10-11 1500
10-11-5 1500 yen trifecta

Fairly small wager this week but I'll be going all in next week.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Yeah, Im not all that interested myself this weekend. Besides last year, where Rose Kingdom won this race it hasn't really produced any Derby contenders.

robert said...

I'm super excited for next Sunday, too! Unless the officials decide to try and take it away from Buena again, I don't see her not winning. I still can't wrap my head around that decision... She won by like 4 lengths with juice still left in the tank!! There is no way Rose Kingdom could have caught her. Dumb, dumb, dumb decision. Oh well...

A little bit of an interesting trend for bigger name foreign jockeys coming to Japan this year. The same week that Williams and Moore signed their short term licenses they won a G1. Will the trend continue for Berry?

I'm going to look into the race a bit more and then post my picks.

Quick question- who do you think would win in a race between Buena and Snow Fairy over say 2000?

robert said...

In researching this race I found this. Check out the payout! Have you ever seen a bigger one?

I can't argue with horses you boys chose. I'm going to throw Admire into the mix in some trifectas though.

robert said...

That worked out really really well! Cheers!

Sean said...

Not for me it didn't! LOL Nice picks, Keith (although I had the same ones). I give myself an A- for my forecast (11 and 5 were my second and third picks) and an F for my betting strategy. I gotta get it right on the Arima or I think I'm looking at a minus year...

Keith Hagstrom said...

That result was by pure happenstance. If one of those horses had a Japanese jock I doubt very much I would have done the same ticket formation. It just seemed imaginative at the time. 11-5 paid 117,000. I'm getting lucky with my mid-price fliers coming in to spot my combination's, something that didnt happen this past summer. Robert..if the race was held on a track in Japan I would go Vista..come to think of it I would still favor her regardless of venue. Some of the biggest payouts have come from the Tokyo City Track. Something about night racing that brings out the longshots. F,Y.I In april JRA will implement a new ticket called the " Big 5" where you have to pick the winners in five different designated races. I can imagine already some of these results will be huge..Also the 11th race in Nakayama ( Happy End Cup) the race after the Arima has been designated a Prime Premium race where the bettor will recieve an additional 15% return on this races result. One of the few time JRA gives something back to us.