Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tenno Sho

#5 Buena Vista Always sharp and needless to say one very consistent race horse. The competition is formidable but I'm wagering Pelusa and Dash will fall short as usual while eying a better result in the Japan Cup and Earnesty really got a disadvantage being slotted on the far gate. Kingdom has a jockey that I'm not very familiar with and thus somewhat hesitant to rate him higher than I normally would.

The Wager : 5 & 1,2,7,10 & 4,7,8,11 ¥1000 Straight Trifecta
5 with 1,2,7,10 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Betting Against History Tomorrow

All week people have been asking me if there will be a Triple Crown Winner this year and my cop-out answer has been 50-50. Whats there not to like about Orfevre? Its difficult, he has done everything that has been asked of him. Its a cerebral decision on on my part more than anything. I didn't get on his bandwagon until after the Satsuki-Sho, which I don't like to do. I like to spot my horses early and play them often. Bottom line..I very underestimated Orfevre talent level. However a lot of things have gone very right this year to set up this opportunity for history. Back to back classic races at the SAME track( Tokyo) and VERY bad weather on both racing days and not to mention an interruption in training brought about by the March 11th earthquake. I get the feeling Orfevre is winning BECAUSE of these unusual events rather than IN SPITE of them. Looking at the field of 17 horses you would have to imagine there is at least one 3yr-old that hasn't shown his peak form yet and can deny destiny? and yet its also easy to see that this field is somewhat marginal and Orf will romp. Take it worth a grain of salt but Win Variation has been coming close under less than desirable conditions for him!! Tomorrow no rain in the forecast, a potential more beneficial pace and 100,000 fans walk away disappointed. ...........******L'lle d ' Aval....Came in 3rd last race with high weight. I really like the jockey change here as Aval seemed somewhat lazy on that October 1st race. A graded race level horse getting a very soft spot. My race of the weekend!!

The Wager: Kyoto 11th race... 13-14-1,5,8,17,18 Straight Trifecta ¥1000 ( 5 Tickets)
13 with 1,5,8,17,18 One Way Exacta¥1000 (5 Tickets)

Tokyo 10th Race...#3 with 1,4,5,9,10,11 ¥2000 Each-Way Exacta
#3 with 1,4,5,9,10,11 ¥1000 Random Trios

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shuka Sho

Kyoto 11 Race

#4 ..Aventura...Really coming into her form cycle suggest a big effort here.

The Wager: A Each-Way Exacta with #4 and 1,8,9,12,16,18 ¥1000
A Random Trio Keying #4 with 1,8,9,12,16,18 (16 Tickets) ¥1000

Friday, October 14, 2011

October 15th

Tokyo 11 Race....#9 Tosen Reve. Granted it might be a sloppy track here but it still looks like a doable 1st or 2nd place trip for Reve.

The Wager #9 with 2,3,4,7 ¥2000 Each Way Exacta

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nambu Hai

Tokyo 11 Race...#5 Renforcer... Dirt track running deep and slow over the weekend might be a slight advantage in enabling a better run against the two more capable horses.

The Wager # 5 with 7,11 ¥ 3000 One-Way Exacta
7,11 with #5 ¥ 1000 One-Way Exacta

Mainichi Okan

Tokyo 11 Race... # 8 Dark Shadow...Opening weekend and the course seems to be running to his liking!

The Wager: #8 with 3, 7,9 ¥2000 Each-Way Exactas

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Nakayama 11 Race

# 8 Dasher GO GO ....Had success in this race last year and coming in 3rd in the Centaur Stakes off a snails pace leads me to believe that he's in fine form to take advantage of the far more blistering fractions here and perhaps edge out the Hong Kong congruency running along side him.* or hopefully behind:)

The Wager: 8-1, 8-5, ¥10,000 Straight Exacta
8 on top of 6,7,9,10,16 ¥1000 Straight Exacta
8 & 6,7,9,10,16 & 5 ¥500 Straight Trios
8 & 6,7,9,10,16 & 1 ¥500 Straight Trios