Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nambu Hai

Tokyo 11 Race...#5 Renforcer... Dirt track running deep and slow over the weekend might be a slight advantage in enabling a better run against the two more capable horses.

The Wager # 5 with 7,11 ¥ 3000 One-Way Exacta
7,11 with #5 ¥ 1000 One-Way Exacta


Keith Hagstrom said...

Hey sean, yeah old Bruce still seemed to have some pop left. Lets see if he can stay healthy enough for the Japan Cup. Shadow could be an interesting selection for the Tenno sho later on. Earnesty still doesn't have my full confidence at the Fuchu course..Vista might be at her usual 2nd best capacity again, and Pelusa is well??? Pelusa lol

Sean said...

I like Renforcer but a bit risky because of his start and not sure if the mile at Tokyo is ideal.

Danon is apparently in peak form - I'm going with him.

Quinella- 6-11 (8,000 yen), 5-6 (5,000)
Trifecta fun - 6-5-11, 5-6-11, 11-6-5 (1500 each)

Random trios - 6 & 11 with 5, 7, 9 and 15 (1500 each except 5-6-11 which I'm putting 5000 on.)

Feel confident I'm gonna make it 3 in a row this weekend.
Good luck

Keith Hagstrom said...

hey sean, u were right..3 in a row. Renforcer busted up most of the tickets unfortunately..he was pretty much dead on the rail for most of the race.

Sean said...

Yeah, 3 straight but only a total profit of about 40,000 yen. Gotta make the wins count more...