Friday, September 24, 2010

September 26th FLASH is BACK


Bygones to Summer and now the Autumn Campaign is upon us. Instead of the likes of Maruka Shenk and Field Bear, we can now look forward to more marquee names like Dream Journey and Rose Kingdom highlighting our racing programs.

A couple of good races kick starting the season this Sunday. Unlike last week where I was shooting for a result these races here don't seem to have that horse to reap any big ticket.

Kobe Shinbun Hai
Hanshin 10th Race

Except for last year where Piko won, this is a race always won by the DERBY entries. There are four in the race headlined of course by the winner Eishin Flash. What has been most impressive about this horse is his ability to fire on any pace. A downfall for most stretch runners, Flash seems to do better the slower the race develops, which bodes well for him in this race too.

Rose Kingdom..Gonna take a risk here but this race looks like window dressing for a possible Tenno-Sho run in October. It took trainer Hashiguchi two races to get him in form for 2000 meters the last break of 3 months. This being 2400 and with Yutaka on board just doesn't seem right to me.

The Wager # 5 with 6,8,10 ¥2000 Each-Way Exacta
(6) San Diego.....Most of his success came in the Fall
(8) Silk Olde.....Could be capable or not
(10) Reve....needed a pace before, lets see what time off has done.**************************

All Comers
Nakayama 11th Race

Dream Journey had 59kilo last year and handled it just fine coming in 2nd. One has to always worry for a potential down spiral considering his breakout year in 09, but there would have to have some major digress issues not to be on the board in this one.

The Wager: #3 with 6,8,10 ¥2000 Each -Way Exacta
(6) Silport..interesting front runner abet at 2200...if the pace is a crawl the distance wouldn't matter much anyways.

Summer Recap

June 5th-September 19th

Races Bet: 24
Races Won: 7
Races Lost: 17
Amount Wagered: ¥276,000
Amount Returned:¥183.000
Net Gain: 0
Net Loss: ¥93,000
Keibagold Overall 2010

Races Bet: 66
Races Won: 21
Races Lost: 45
Net Gain: ¥127,000
Net Loss: 0
Keibagold Blog Standing
+ ¥557,000

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 20th Nightmare on Elm Stakes

Sapporo 11th Race

The two favorites in tomorrow's Elm Stakes, A Shin Moreover and Courir Passion, have a combined 8 wins and 1 second out of nine races collectively at the Sapporo track. Strangely
enough we still see their tepid odds between 3.4-4.6 in the morning line. What gives? The last race in the Shirakaba Stakes, where they both finished first & second was a dismal effort. The winning time of 1.44.8 was only 0.7 tenths faster than the 8th place finisher. Moreover, was the lone front runner in the race with a very winnable pace line but still lost the lead after showing a strong hold form in similar fractions the previous race on August 18th.

Another horse in the race that has a strong track bias ( 4 wins out of 5 start) with a very consistent career looks to contend with these two and perhaps score a win with good odds. Admire Subaru, has had a steadfast of training during his 2 month layoff to shake off any rust there might be.

Somewhat contradicting myself, there is one horse that stood out in the Shirakaba Stakes. Tagano Kris S , ran into trouble finishing 6th as the second favorite. Her race previous to that was a solid 1.50.1 clocking with a good stretch time at 36.6( for this class anyways) Tanaba is back on board and without any of her last race troubles , she could surprise.

The Wager: #9 with 3, 5,6,8,13 ¥1000 Each-Way Exactas
#8 with 3,5,6,13 ¥1000 Each-Way Exactas
8 & 9 with 3,5,6,13 Random Trifecta ¥500 ( all tickets paying over 100.1)

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 18th

Nakayama 9th Race

#1 Pure Opal...good numbers in the debut and now she gets the rail on the second time around!

The Wager #1 with 4,5,6,8,11 ¥1000 Each -Way Exacta

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 12th

Nakayama 12 Race

#13 Logi Springs

The Wager: #13 with 6,7,8,14 ¥1000 Each -Way Exactas

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11th

Nakayama 7th Race

#10 Treasure Battle...Two races under his belt since the six month layoff and back at his most successful track & jockey.

The Wager...#10 with 4,5,7,8,12 ¥1000 Each-Way Exactas

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 5th

Kokura 10th Race

#14 Shigeru Kyokuchi...Won't be the favorite even though some very good back to back numbers! Three in a row is a very good possibility.
The Wager #14 with 4,5,8,11,12 ¥1000 Each-way Exacta..Key 8 & 14 with 4,5,11,12 random trifecta ¥1000

Niigata #4 Clean Ecology.....#18 Kids Nigohan
11th Race

The Wager..#4 with 2,6,9,12,17,18...¥1000 Each-Way Exacta #18 with 2,6,9,12,17 ..¥500 Each way Exacta
4&18 with 2,6,9,12,17 Random Trifectas..¥500
Yesterday's Angkor Wat was a disaster as he couldn't take to the turf and was held up coming in dead last!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 4th


9th Race #2 Angkor Wat...Dirt last two, but switch to turf at 15.0 should figure!

The Wager #2 with 3,6,14,17,18..¥1000 Quinella