Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 5th

Kokura 10th Race

#14 Shigeru Kyokuchi...Won't be the favorite even though some very good back to back numbers! Three in a row is a very good possibility.
The Wager #14 with 4,5,8,11,12 ¥1000 Each-way Exacta..Key 8 & 14 with 4,5,11,12 random trifecta ¥1000

Niigata #4 Clean Ecology.....#18 Kids Nigohan
11th Race

The Wager..#4 with 2,6,9,12,17,18...¥1000 Each-Way Exacta #18 with 2,6,9,12,17 ..¥500 Each way Exacta
4&18 with 2,6,9,12,17 Random Trifectas..¥500
Yesterday's Angkor Wat was a disaster as he couldn't take to the turf and was held up coming in dead last!!!

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Sean said...

I'm sitting this week out. Will get back into it when the trial races start. Good luck!