Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 27th

Hanshin Hankyo Hai 11 Race

# 2 GARBO....Was running competitive fractions along side Rose Kingdom last year and seems to be getting only better.

The Wager: #2 with 7,9 15 ¥4000 Each-Way Exacta ( ¥24,000)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Stakes

Tokyo 11 Race

# 12 Trancend #13 Furioso

Pace makes the race always and here we have two front runners that have a previous history of very " controled fractions". Besides #7, there seems to be a lack of legatimate late runners, thus early speed seems to have quite an advantage in this one.

The Wager: #12 with 2,13,15,16 ¥2000 Each Way Exacta
#13 with 2,15,16 ¥1000 Each Way Exacta

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 13th

Tokyo 11 Race

# 11 Danon Ballade....#13 Deep Sound....Besides from last weeks Kisaragi-sho, where Rikisan Max turned over the apple cart at 40-1, the step races have been running to form. Deep Impacts sires have already proven their worth and odds are that wont change in tomorrows G3. The interesting note, that I will continue to wager on, is that so far no race has a Impact horse ran 1st AND 2nd together in a single race. So I will dutch the two horses separately without a play on them together.

The Wager: 2-11, 6-11, 11-12, ¥4000 Each-Way Exacta
2-13, 6-13, 12-13 ¥3000 Each-Way Exacta

February Charity Race #8 ( 13th)

Tokyo 7th Race

#10 with 2,5,7,12,13 ¥500 Quinellas

Money Raised ¥146,000

2011 Current Standings ( As of February 12th)

Overall Bankroll Standings ( + ¥982,000

2011 Current Standings

Races Bet: 10
W/L 2-8
Current Profit/Loss +¥350,000

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Void Ticket

Sorry just found a mistake on my previous post. Please void the tickets
1-4 with 3,10,11,16

Correct ticket 4-15 with 3,10,11,16

The previous tickets 3-15,10-15,11-15,15-16 ¥1000 Each Way still goes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 6th

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Tokyo 11 Race

Smile Jack...For three consecutive races from March21 to June 6th did any horse have as competitive fractions as Jack had. A true miler , after a 4 month break, Jack went up in distance in the G2 Mainichi Okan where he ran admirably but fell short.The Tenno-sho showed nothing except that this horse has developed nicely into a mid-pack stalker regardless of the distance. Back at 1600m and with 2 quality races in the books, perhaps that Spring form will be regained and get a good horse over 10.1 on the boards.********************************************************

The above is the post from November 20th concerning the Mile Championship. Jack didn't hit the boards that day but I'm hoping for big things from him this year and it should start tomorrow. He has never shown a penchant to form especially after a break, but Jack had been very active the last 2 months of last year, so should be a little sharper this time around.********************************************************

The Wager: #15 Smile Jack

1-15, ¥5000 Each- Way Exacta
1-15 ¥10,000 Wide Ticket
1-15 with 3,4,10,11,16 ¥2000 Random Trifecta

Please Void 1-4 with 3,10,11,16 in previous post
Wager 4-15 with 3,10,11,16 ¥2000 Random Trifecta

February Charity Race #7

Tokyo 3rd Race

# 11 Satono Peace Peace

#11 with 2,3,12,13,14 ¥500 Quinellas

Money Raised: ¥146,000

2011 Current Standings ( As of February 5th)

Blog Bankroll Overall + ¥632,000

2011 Current Results:
Races Bet: 9
W/L 1-8
Current Profit W/L -¥64,000

Friday, February 4, 2011

Febuary 5th

No selections for today. Will have a strong play on the Tokyo Shimbun G3 on Sunday.