Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Stakes

Tokyo 11 Race

# 12 Trancend #13 Furioso

Pace makes the race always and here we have two front runners that have a previous history of very " controled fractions". Besides #7, there seems to be a lack of legatimate late runners, thus early speed seems to have quite an advantage in this one.

The Wager: #12 with 2,13,15,16 ¥2000 Each Way Exacta
#13 with 2,15,16 ¥1000 Each Way Exacta


Keith Hagstrom said...

Robert, Hope u are enjoying ur beer consumption. I cant really talk you into buying Furioso as many times the pace doesnt go as planned. Basically, Im just assuming it will be somewhat of a moderate pace which even though Furioso has a class issue shouldnt bother him to badly. The danger is if both of them get into a pace dual and die..this will open up a horse like 7 to come romping thru.

robert said...

After carefully examining the odds and the horses' past performances at Fuchu, here are my final plays.

馬単 for 1000 yen each: 15-2, 15-5, 15-7, 15-14, 2-15, 5-15, 7-15, 14-15

馬単 for 2000 yen each: 15-12, 12-15

馬連 for 1000 yen each: 15-1, 15-13, 15-16

馬連 for 500 yen each: 15-3, 15-4

Total 16,000 yen. It is a big gamble, but I could win anywhere from 30,000-350,000 yen.

GL boys!

robert said...

One more... :O

馬連 for 1000 yen: 2-12

Keith Hagstrom said...

youve been hot recently robert so I might have to play #15 a little more. :)

Sean said...

Robert, Hope you had no trouble beating the jet lag...

I'm trying a 12, 15, 16 box, 2000 each way exactas.

Then 12-15-16, 12-13-16, 12-14-16, 1-12-16, 12-13-15 and 12-14-15 2000 apiece trios.

I think if 16 marks Transcend, which he'd be stupid not to do, he should have every chance. But zero confidence with this one. To be honest, Transcend doesn't seem suited to this course or distance and Silk Mobius, while I think he's the strongest horse in the field, is not in particularly good form if you can believe his trainer.

Keith Hagstrom said...

glad i didnt key those 2 because i wouldnt have put 5 in any trio im sure

robert said...

Nice hit Keith. I avoided the favorite and my instincts because of pure greed. :(

Sean, where did you read that about Silk? I read the comments from his trainer on the JRA site (in English) and heard nothing of the sort. I feel pretty damn stupid right now...

PS I drank 12 Moosehead before going to the local bar last night and in completely unrelated incidents; I got attack by a cougar (the human-kind), got my toque stolen, got hit in the head from a snowball that was not intended for me, and ended in the hospital because my best friend's brother's wife somehow managed to knock out my friend's front tooth. Man, I need to come back to Japan soon. "Gaijin" are crazy! lol

robert said...

*attacked! Thank goodness the attack is over and I survived! lol

PSS I am 34 so I shouldn't be calling anyone a cougar but... lol

Sean said...

I just read Silk's trainer's (translated) comments on the JRA site. That's a very abridged version. Yeah, he said Silk was improving and that they were optimistic BUT in the articles I read on Yahoo Japan and elsewhere he goes on to say that he's still not back to the form he had when he was winning...I had that information and bought him anyways. How stupid does that make me?

Go easy on the Moosehead, eh.