Friday, February 4, 2011

Febuary 5th

No selections for today. Will have a strong play on the Tokyo Shimbun G3 on Sunday.


tanaka said...

Could your play for the Tokyo Shimbun be 15 with 1,4,8,11,12,16 in each-way exactas? :)

I think that 11 and 12 should set the pace and probably fade out in the stretch, but there is always the chance that one of them just might stick around.

robert said...

That was really strange! I somehow just became "Tanaka." Could this be a sign to back the 6 horse?!?! lol

Keith Hagstrom said...

Mr Tanaka has telepathy also because that was my ticket lol..well definitely with #15 smile not sure the number of tickets but the herd can be thinned out pretty much in this field.