Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mile Championship

Kyoto 11th Race

#2 Smile Jack...For three consecutive races from March 21 to June 6th did any horse have as competitive fractions as Jack had. A true miler , after a 4 month break, Jack went up in distance in the G2 Mainichi Okan where he ran admirably but fell short.The Tenno-sho showed nothing except that this horse has developed nicely into a mid-pack stalker regardless of the distance. Back at 1600m and with 2 quality races in the books, perhaps that Spring form will be regained and get a good horse over 10.1 on the boards.

The Wager: #2 with 4,8,11,12,15,16....¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Long shot saver...# 12 Absolute...too good of horse to be at 50.0. After nearly 5 months off I'm not so certain his form will be off!

The Wager: #12 with 4,8,11,15,16...¥500 Quinellas

Total Wager: ¥14,500....Profit index on every ticket from 8-2 ( 49.5) to 11-2 ( 145.0)


Sean said...

Nice call on Air Wolf. I didn't buy any tickets on Saturday though...

I like Smile Jack. He could definitely do well here and I really think the pinch-hitting jockey could be a plus. It's not an easy race though. Anything could happen so I'm gonna be bold.
The wager: 2-16-17...4000 yen trio (320,000 return)
9-16-17...4000 thousand yen trio (220,000 return)
2-9-16...3000 yen trio (360,000 return)
2-16... 1000 yen quinella (37,000 return
16-2...2000 yen exacta (130,000 return)
2-9...1000 yen quinella (64,0000 return
9-2...2000 yen exacta (260,000 return)
9-16...1000 yen quinella (25000 return)
9-16...2000 yen exacta (100,000 return)

Total outlay: 20,000 yen (high risk, high return approach...)

Keith Hagstrom said...

It is a difficult race...the odds are spread out evenly between the top tier horses. Your #9 To the glory scares me a bit too..I will probably add him to Jack to be on the safe side. Good luck

robert said...

I bought 2 with 4,8,9,16&17 in Quintellas for 1000 yen each. GL boys!

Keith Hagstrom said...

not enough left in the tank for jack near the finish line! Shin forward had run well in the spring but didnt show much for me his last 2 outings..On to the JAPAN CUP!!

Sean said...

Yeah that pace burned him. And my picks were pure dog crap...glad I don't do this for a living. LOL

JC should be exciting.

robert said...

Watch out for Jaguar Mail with Moore on the saddle in the JC! :)