Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recaps

Some bad breaks for Keibagold this past weekend! I hit 2/3 winners on my 50,000 yen card on Saturday but failed to make a profit. Absolute came home a winner at 11-1 as predicted but I failed to recognize NO.17 as a possible long shot and thus missed an opportunity to cash over 1,000,000 in winnings. The Kikuka-Sho was handicapped as expected which was to go with the horses that won their last time out. Again Three Rolls was the ONLY horse besides my two top picks that matched this criteria. The distance was however considered a libility and was scratched off my selection card. My profiles for Tokyo are hitting at high percentages and weather permitting it should be a winning month ahead!!

Races Bet: 6
Races Won: 1
Amount Wagered: 127,000
Amount Returned: 36,000
Net Loss: -91,000


Original Bankroll: 1,000,000
Standing Bankroll: 1,368,000
Net Profit: 368,000

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