Monday, February 8, 2010

Three's Company

I seldom give out trifecta plays as they can be quite an expense on ones bankroll. Yesterday however, in the Kyodo Grade 3, there was such a widening of contenders to pretenders ratio I gave one out. Keying # 5 with 6 & 3 in all positions( 6 tickets total) I was able to nail it in spite of an unexpected 3rd by Aliseo. Grading the race for potential wagers this Spring is somewhat of a mixed bag. Kyodo has produced two champions, Jungle Pocket and Admire Moon. Last years winner Shonen Alba, didn't and hasn't shown much since. # 6 Hansode Bando has been steller but with five races already under the saddle, his form cycle might peak before the big races come. Danon Chantilly has M. Matsuda navigating his course which will automaticaly include him with " the big boys". Aliseo is still the one to beat though. Hori won't allow a third place finish to hinder his plans. Still too early for a Derby frontrunner but the overall quality so far is a definite " above average"

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