Friday, August 27, 2010

August 28th

Niigata 11 Race

# 5 Keiai Daisy...With Shonan Alba a late scratch, will become the favorite. Has been running well since switching to turf and only carrying 50 kilo.
#15..Shigeru Hasrat...lone early speed contestant. Could duplicate last effort.

The Wager..#5 with 1,4,6,12,15 ¥1000 Each-Way Exactas #15 with 1,4,6,12 ¥1000 Quinella
( ¥14,000)


Keith Hagstrom said...

Hey guys...good job last week with Earnestly. I had most of my money on the 11 race in Kokura with Rhein Dream. She was on my bet list (posted June 7th) and I finally recuperated my losses on her and got some back. Unfortunately she looked so good Ill probably bet on her again to start it all over again. Now only 2 horses left..Absolute and Rose Prestige..according to the JRA website both are " in training" not sure when they'll run next. Not much of a vacation..i started a dad diet which almost killed me..i couldn't find much interest in Espoir seems like im the only one that thinks he has a chance in the U.S..Went to Hakone to soak in some hot springs and get my football/pro/ college strategy worked out for this year..The consensus pick for week 1 in my group is Virginia Teck over Boise St if ur Not sure about tomorrows graded race..hit and miss on alot of those horses..for some reason im not as excited about Admire Aura as i was earlier this summer...Surplus singer will be about 50.1 in the keenland cup so might have some fun with him but not sure...later guys & readers

Keith Hagstrom said...

* fad diet****

Sean said...

Hey Keith,
Welcome back to your blog. Robert and I kept it warm for you...

I love hot springs, been to Hakone a few times but only in winter. Was that part of the fad diet?

Too bad about Espoir City - although conquering America isn't gonna be easy, he's matured into a great horse.

I hear you about Sunday's main races. Any race where Smart Gear is (probably) gonna be the favorite is one I'll likely pass on. I've got some ideas for the Keenland Cup though. Tokai Mystery drew a lousy gate but I'm betting/hoping she can run in this class.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Hey Sean. Actually I live in Atsugi which is only alittle more than an hour to Hakone. Why I don't go there more often is a head scratcher... I've already decided ill just shadow you on Tokai Mystery on sunday..i dont want to bother with that race anyways so this will be a time saver for me..the strange thing about Smart Gear is since he cant ever seem to find the winners circle there will be no doubt some hesitance to back him thus a very luke warm favorite by the public but Niigata could very well be the track for him..i wouldn't bet the farm on him but yutaka would surely have figured out this horse by now...or not?lol