Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since the last update on February 12th,

Total Wagers: 24
Total Wagers Won: 7
Total Wagers Lost: 17
Total Amount Wagered : ¥672,000
Total Amount Returned: ¥541,000
Net Profit: 0
Net Loss: -¥131,000
Total 2011 Results

Total Wagers: 34
Wagers Won 9
Wagers Lost 25
Net Profit ¥219,000

Keibagold Current Overall Profit + ¥851,000

The winning percentage looks very anemic for sure but its actually in line with my overall strategy of wagering. Some astute handicapper said ( I couldn't find the actual quote) that there is a 75% chance your bankroll will always be decreasing from the previous days amount. This certainly has always held true for me. I try to relax and flow with the tides of the stormy seas, which is horse racing handicapping, just trying to stay above water long enough until that life saver jacket of a big win is thrown down to me every 3 or 4 times a year. This year ,I can thank two horses from saving me from drowning. Smile Jack on February 12th and Headliner on May 21st. Looking back on this years first half, I see only one race I regret betting ( the amount) and that was the Tenno. Risking 100,000 on one race seemed very ignorant for sure. This summer I will " box play" most of my wagers , except for this weekend where I will single out Target Machine* yes, again.:)....By the end of the summer, I will bet that the losing percent of these "boxes" will be higher than the winning, but there will be an overall net profit. Rather it be in mid-July or August, a couple mid-price fliers will come in together to give me that " life jacket" of a race to keep me afloat.


Sean said...

I thought you would've been up with that 500,000 yen Headliner hit. Of course the 200,000 Target miss didn't help...The Radio Nikkei Sho looks really tough and pretty high quality for a change. Frere Jacques, another colt by Deep Impact, has looked impressive in his first two starts and will probably get a lot of attention. You should get good odds with Target Machine.

Keith Hagstrom said...

I got back over 400,000 on Headliner actually, and Target & To the Glory were big losses. Some of those wins just came out a little over the over all wager for some small profit takes. Personaly, Ive a few ggod dirt wins to give me a profitable 1st half. Ive taken only one big shot and that was Target. I've lost a few more customers than usual too since the Earthquake, so I cant rely on that imcome as of late for some insurance coverage.