Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sekiya Kinen

Niigata 11 Race

#5 Sacred Valley...Not a true miler but with a more than above average class line and recent good outings, could very well propel him to a duplicate performance like last years race ( 2nd) or possibly better.

The Wager: #5 with 2,7,9,10,11,12 ¥2000 Each-Way Exacta ¥24,000

( #2 Absolute.. @ 45-1 but a veteran that could fire if he wants to. Wearing blinkers for the first time in his 7-yr career. ¥5000 Show Ticket.......2# with 7,9,10,11 12 ¥500 Quinellas


robert said...

Hey Keith, It's been like forever!! I guess it takes our favorite alcohol to bring us together again, eh?! lol

I'm going to box 2,5,7,11 in exactas for ¥1000 each way and then key 5 with 2,6,7,10,11&12 in Trios for ¥1000 each. Just to make it an even ¥30,000 bet I'll throw ¥3000 on the tasty vodka to place.


robert said...

PS I love the fact Absolute is wearing blinkers!! Might have to back him a little more!

robert said...

You know Keith, 11 looks pretty sexy as a long shot too... I'm upping my bet to ¥40,000. The Exacta Box for 12,000, the Trio for 15,000 and then 3500 each on 11&2 to show and 3000 each on 2&11 to win. Total ¥40,000!!

Craig said...

Ladies & Gentlemen... Rob is off the fcukin' chain, man! Can't wait to see what that action looks like in Vegas. Hey, Double Down! Save some for the trip!

Keith Hagstrom said...

hey guys, hows summer treating you? When are you off to Vegas?...Well it would be nice if Absolute could run as well as he did say, 4 years ago!! lol
He always gets cheated on the handicap since he won a G2 so unfortunatly he gets locked at 57 kilo. Blinkers is interesting for sure but then again I always find something to justify betting on him again and again and.......

Craig said...

Summer is well under way. I'll be on weekday holidays until late September. As for today, it's Boxing Day!
Trifecta Box: 2,3,5,11,12
Wide Box 7,9,11 & 2,4,12