Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kokura Kinen

Kokura 11 Race.....# 2 Narita Crystal.....Came in 4th in this race last year, but might be a little bit sharper here this time off a 2-month layoff.

The Wager: (2,6,8,12,15) Exacta Box for ¥1000, except #2 for ¥2000

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Keith Hagstrom said...

good news & bad news...i was mildly suprised that Crystal couldnt even hit the board yesterday but after seeing the replay this morning I could see it wasn't a fitness reason. Traffic for most of the stretch caused the 6th place finish. I'll most def think he will figure in the Nigatta kinen on aug 28th, the same race he won last year. Bad looks like my favorite drink is running this weekend.