Monday, July 4, 2011

Missed Target

Not a bad effort yesterday by Target. but since he was in perfect position through out the race a better result was warranted.

Robert noticed that he seemed to slow down, kick off his hind heels , and speed up again. Target* in the blue < right pic, literally looks like he is skipping down the stretch, with his heels coming straight back.

I'll continue to back him, but I would like to see him come back sooner than the previous 2 month interval and maybe race in a slightly lower class level, but then I wont get the odds.


robert said...

I'll definitely back him next race. I was impressed with his stamina and "potential" speed. If he hadn't skipped down the stretch, he probably would've won the race. Tanaka put him in a brilliant position to win. It is all in his trainer's hands now...

I will be backing Captian Thule big time this weekend. Hopefully he gets half decent odds.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Thule has the high handicap of 58.5 so that might scare a few punters. Probably 3.5 or there abouts. I checked the quote from his trainer, as usual everything seems fine. I use babylon software to do quick translations. I'll paste the Japanese comments with the English software translation. Its funny trying to understand what the hell he meant.

Keith Hagstrom said...

キャプテントゥーレ is existence of the fertility of soil top as a top handicap of 58.5 kilos shows it. Two killer whale Prize back shelves Takarazuka memory and digest a horse training menu smoothly. I aim at the great achievement of the consecutive big prize conquest on the stage of the memory that won Satsuki-Prize Horse Race three years ago for five years. [it was good movement and I chase it for the last time and am finished at a limit enough last week.] I feel favored if I compare the handicap with others and I will be bad, and] and the Tokue horse training assistant expect 確勝 if I lose here and send it into.

Sean said...

Nice translation. I sometimes digest the menu too if I'm really hungry...Actually 消化 doesn't mean 'digest' (obviously) in this case - it basically means that his training has been completed, in the sense that they've done all they can and he's ready.

Captain won't be bothered by 58.5 but I'm not sure who else to put onboard. I think I like the G3 in Kyoto more, although there are plenty of possibilities there too. May try to key one of the favorites to finish 2nd or 3rd again in trifecta formations. I had a minor win with that again last week in the Hakodate sprint. Keyed the second favorite (didn't key the favorite because she definitely seemed capable of winning, which she did, but I also thought she was more likely than the second favorite to have a bad run) and she came in third for me but didn't get big odds this time. Still I think I'm getting hooked on that play. It's not a good betting strategy for every race (e.g. wouldn't bet on Buena to finish 2nd or 3rd at Tokyo) but it gives you both insurance and several chances for big scores.

robert said...

Might just box Thule with the 4 year olds and see what happens. :)