Friday, September 2, 2011

Niigata 10th Race; September 3rd

#2 Gustive Cry....Shonan Mighty breezed to an easy victory two weeks ago coming from the very same race Gustive is, back on May 28th. Big class differential, just depends on the layoff.

The Wager #2 with 1,8, ¥5000 Each-Way #2 with 13,14 ¥3000 Each Way


Keith Hagstrom said...

Sean, Me too. I prefer the Autumn campaign 10 fold to the Spring. Kyoto is still in the cards but only if Orive is entered barring some injury .

Keith Hagstrom said...

Playing just two races today. The posted 10th and the 9th( niigata)..a real ugly one but the probable favorite #8 Tempel even after only 2 races and an 11th place finish last time out should outlast the others merely on bloodlines alone.