Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 4th

Niigata 11Race

#11 ..Just A Way...Came in at a very fit 494 kilos in his maiden and accompanied by a brisk 33.3 off a slow pace, has this Hearts Cry foal looking very feasible for another good effort here.

The Wager. #11 with 1,2,7,10,15,17 ¥1000 Each-Way Exactas
# 11 with 1,2,7,10,15,17 ¥1000 Random Trios


Sean said...

I'm trying the G3 in Kokura because I didn't have much time to study and there are fewer horses in that race...
5,7,10, 11 random trio box, 2000 each
then 5, 7, 10 exacta box, 2000 each
plus a few straight trifectas with 7 and 10 on top
Good luck.

Sean said...

You got it Keith but you needed the trio to see a decent gain. I should've broken even but of course idiot that I am I stubbornly refuse to place a bet that won't turn a profit. But I definitely think I picked the wrong race. I saw Just A Way's maiden race today for the first time - definitely a quality horse, even though he came up a bit short today.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Hey Sean, Yeah I agree Just a way looks sharp but these Summer 2 year olds always find a way to flame out before the real season begins. Lets hope he stays healthy. Last two weeks got a 1st,3rd,3rd,2nd hopeful for a fall turnaround