Saturday, January 7, 2012


As always I would like to say a big Thank You for those taking the time to read this blog , especially the All Star team* ( you know who you are*) that regularly comments and gives invaluable insight into a very challenging venue that is Japanese Keiba.

Unfortunately I had my first losing season here in 011. There were no signature big wins for most part of the calender year, but managed to cut down the loss amount by a few decent returns late in the game.

Surveying the results, it was easy to see where I chased after too many horses ( Target Machine& Absolute) that never came through for me. Also I've noticed too many races had tickets construed to limit the amount of losses ( wide tickets, insurance tickets) rather than to optimize a win.

I didn't work with the parameters of the blogs bankroll in many instances, instead letting emotions take over in making sporadic jumps of ticket amounts. ( Pelusa in the Japan Cup lol) for example.
2012 Strategies

The bigger wins that occurred here mostly came off of Trifecta tickets. Smile Jack, Narita Cyrstal, Alfredo, to name a few. This will probably be the most notable change this coming year as I will stress a volume of more races to bet but with a more limited bankroll with single tickets being predominantly no more than ¥1000 and with emphasis on higher payouts, mainly made up of Trifecta tickets.

I will post wagers for earlier races this year something that I didn't do last year. * I try to keep the reader in mind as it isn't always possible to bet an early race if one so desires. If the readers would like to make an early selection wager just give me an email or comment and I can gladly put it on for you.

I stopped the " charity races" shortly after the earthquake ( which was kind of stupid if you think about it). They were actually showing a profit. I'll consider re-starting them.

I'll most definitely get a " Pick 5 " pool initiated soon.


Personal Results:

I had two returns of over ¥900,000 last year. The single biggest loss on one race was a little over ¥200,000. My website ( which is down temporarily now) reached a peak of 19 " Paid Customers" and generated close to ¥700,000 profit ending 011. As of December 31st my result including my service generated income was a profit of ¥1,250,000. I'm certainly not rolling in it but for a serious pastime that I enjoy I'm quite pleased with that* but could always use more :)

2011 Results:

Races Wagered: 93
Races Won: 25

Total Wagered Amount: ¥1,512,00
Total Amount Returned: ¥1,305,00
2011 Amount Loss: ¥207,000

Overall Bankroll Standings: + ¥644,000

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