Friday, January 27, 2012

Pelusa Gets A Soft Spot But Will Disappointment Still Reign ??

Truly , how far the mighty have fallen. To see Pelusa running knee deep in mediocrity in tomorrows main one has to ask " How did I get here? In Pelusas case, a disastrous turn in the Japan Cup, that had everyone scratching their collective heads. The Alima Kinen scratch I guess was more about saving face rather than health. There had to be a lot of discussion in the barn about the mindset of Pelusa, and with another potential dismal G1 showing in the most anticipated race of the year? it would have been utterly embarrassing.

The race itself tomorrow looks like a cakewalk for a horse even half as talented as Pelusa. The prior 52 races combine of the remaining 13 entrants has produced ONLY 3 winners. The average time of an Open Stakes race at 2000 meters in Fuchu is 1.59.5. Pelusa ran a 1.56.3 here back in October suggesting even at a slower time a probable 4 length victory is easily attainable over his nearest rivals.

However in summary: This is Pelusa we are talking about...Bettors Beware!!

Tokyo 11 Race... #10 Pelusa All Trifectas and Each-Way Exactas ¥1000


#10 with 3,5,7,8,9,12

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