Monday, June 7, 2010

Cutting Back

With the dog days of summer approaching, I'll start to lower the % of my bankroll for wagers. Different reasons for this, mainly because the rainy season plays havoc on my numbers, certainly on race day itself but also the fist , second races back from a bad track. Another factor is that I like to wager "live", but in the summer I usually place my bets in the morning so I can go out to have a life besides Keiba.

I listed some horses that I will continue to bet blind. Certain horses I treat like individual stock. Once I make a profit I'll stop. All the horses have lost¥ for me except one, but as long as I continue to wager on them ( no skipping) and adjust my wagers for a certain " due amount' eventually the wind fall will be returned.

*Shonan Alba -¥47,000 Stuborn horse but will fire
*Prestige Rose -¥76,000 Will get great odds until he hits the board..good numbers & Sunday Racing Company..
* Rhein Dream. ¥-45,000.the most troublesome of the bunch because his recent efforts will lower his odds.
* Absolute ¥-78,000 Too good of a horse to be off the boards for much longer.
** Heavenly Cruise + 165,000 consistent trifecta rym or reason when she decides to run but when she does ¥ always follows.

The obvious danger here is that even if they hit the boards you have to get the combination to win. Betting strictly to win or show don't produce the returns to make it feasible. Numerous times my " stock" has come in but I failed to get the ticket. I accept the loss and cut the horse from my list. The ensuing odds on their next race would drop because of the previous performance and soon you can be way in over your head, betting too much just to recuperate your losses let alone any additional profit.

When these horses run I'll publish my wagers on them so you can get a better idea of what I'm doing.

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