Friday, June 25, 2010

June 26th An Alba & Air Wolf Headliner


10Race # 2 Riveria Blue Came in 13th last time out but under 10.0 in the morning ugly threat!
The Wager: #2 with 5,7,10,11 ¥1000 each way exacta

11th Race..#4 The always dangerous Alba..especially with usual rider Ebina on board.
The Wager: #4 with 3,4,8,12,14 ¥1000 each way exacta


9th Race...#13..Air Wolf..this blog had a big winner on him last time out( May 1st)..will ride the wager again
The Wager: #13 with 2,3,7,9,11 ¥1000 each way exacta

p.s. yes I know it's a stretch to link Jessica with Shonan...but it does brighten up the blog a bit!


Sean said...

Nice hit on Jessica Alba!

robert said...

Keith, did you hit with Alba? Did you mean to post 4 with 5? I hope you won big today! I ended up winning a few man today and I was betting relatively small... BTW, the track at Hanshin is an absolute mess. Is Earnestly a mucker?

Keith Hagstrom said...

Tanx for the congrat! Yeah i put 4 instead of could have really caused some trouble had anybody reading it didnt realize the mistakes..nobody emailed me to tell me the mistakes which is usuually the case..this tells me nobody is reading the blog now which is the case in the summer( except u guys tanx so i guess no damage done...i put in all my bets this morning..i bet the first 3 races of the day in Hokodate..all on dirt which i love..i played the favorites in all 3 races which is the best time to play them at this track( years of experience tells me this) i won 2/3...doubled up my bets for the afternoon..had 3000 on 5-4 Alba..240,000 return..lost 25,000 on the 9th..and basically just broke even with air wolf in the 9th...i wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago explaining how i bet blind on some horses knowing ill get a payout eventually( alba was one such horse) u can check the article for the others..ill cease playing shonan now..i think i got 4 more horses to go before ill start a new cycle...if u stick to this madness it will work...Earnestly!..strange happenings going on here//the odds tracker( ill post it after this one) had him 3.5..might even be the favorite or draw close to Vista for the status..his sire grass wonder has a dossage of 4.8 for off track which is in the middle range..i tend to think the off track might work in his advantage..i dont think he is a classic pace setter type like fact his fractions indicate a stalker..maybe a 3rd or 4th positioning..the pace could be horrendously slow tomorrow so he might be up there closer to the lead than a fast track would have him..such terrible conditions i would rather have my horse up front than way back..thus the big odds swing and the persistant doubts of the late runners being able to make their moves with much effeciency tomorrow..when i posted 10,000 on 2-8 i was getting some value but now it kinda sucks..anyways good luck

Keith Hagstrom said...

* lost 25,000 in the 10th not 9th

robert said...

Amazing hit!! Sweet! Congrats my man!
When I left the track at 5:30 today, Earnestly and Jaguar Mail were both at 6-1 to win and Buena was around 3...

Keith Hagstrom said...

BTW.. if u guys are up ¥ by the 9th race in Hokodate tomorrow and want to re-invest alittle of it ..take a look at #10 Applause Hero..his dirt numbers were showing improvement but a couple of recent disappointments. switching to turf and getting 54 kilo in a handicap race..wide open affair and he is getting 25-1..

robert said...

Cheers on the tip!