Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Dash Preview

This Sunday's G3 Ibis Summer Dash could very well turn into a Summer BASH for those lucky enough to construe a solid trifecta play. Here are the payouts of the last 5 years ( since the race moved from mid August to July) ******************************************************
Q. Quinella E. Exacta RT. Random Trifecta ST. Straight Trifecta

2005 Q.4,660 E. 11,600 RT.6,890 ST. 54,240
2006 Q.5,560 E. 13,460 RT.8,970 ST.58,790
2007 Q.22,990 E.66,170 RT.50,310 ST.404,290
2008 Q.6,140 E. 10,100 RT.21,100 ST.120,810
2009 Q.4,150 E.7,780 RT.9,460 ST.67,570

*photo..Zakura getting pampered in preparation to making it three in a row this coming Sunday.

Two of the same horse that were both involved in the big trifectas in 08 & 09 are back at it again in 010. Kanoya Zakura, the winner of this race the last two years and Apollo Dolce, who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Odds & Ends:

The public favorite doesn't
do well. In the 9 year history only one winner(04) . Has failed to hit the board 5/9 races.

The rail is non-existent. The last rail horse to pose any threat was in the inaugural race where Mejioda Ring won from gate 2.

Front Runners do well but they DON'T win in front runner style. Horses that had a front runner style in their previous races had a knack for dropping back in this race. Here is the winners race position at the 500 meter mark for the past 5 years.. 4th, 4th, 9th, 5th, 2nd. The only winner to go wire to wire was in 04 where Carlston Lighto did it.( The only favorite to win by the way)

The Females have won the past five races..7/9 over all


This will be a fun race to handicap and wager on. It gives me an excuse to box more horses than I should ( which I tend to do anyways) and with the favorite being( Kanoya ) at a probable luke warm 3.8 or higher, its safe to say there will be another good return this year.


Sean said...

Three reasons why I have no intention of throwing money at this race:
1. Weak field
2. Some key contenders are coming off long breaks
3. Most key contenders (especially Kanoya)are wildly inconsistent performers

I just don't like my chances of winning this race. I much prefer a race like last week's Procyon Stakes - good odds but still eminently winnable.

Good luck with it though. In the highly unlikely event that I do play it, I might just follow your picks.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Those 3 reasons are par for the course for this race every year. I checked my log for last year but I didnt have a wager on it. I think when picking a contender for this race its like the best of two evils mentality. Its not a good horse but not as bad as the others.lol which isnt a healthy way to bet horses nor profitable in most cases.