Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10th

Kyoto 9th Race

#1 Nichido Rutle..Came in2nd last time as the 8th choice in the field. Looks like she might get the same fractions again.

The Wager #1 with 2,3,7,11,13 ¥1000 Quinellas

11 Race:

#9 Shonan Alba...Here he comes again! If only he can get somewhat of a good start the stretch will do him well at Kyoto. He is 14.0 on the odds board which is where he runs well.

The Wager #9 with 2,3,6,13,15 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

Nakayama 12th Race

#4 Crawford...Maybe Shibata is the answer to this potential good horse.

The Wager:
#4 with 2,10,11,13 ¥500 Each-Way Exacta


Sean said...

Always good to see Jenny...

Keith, I have a feeling I'm gonna forget about the races while I'm in Europe but I'll deposit 20,000 in your account just in case. So when you have time pls email me your bank details. Cheers.

I'm sitting out this weekend, btw. I think Rose Kingdom is running next week though. I'd love to bet against him and recover some of the money he cost me last year...Good luck tomorrow guys.

Keith Hagstrom said...

Sean, if its only 20,000 save the hassle . I can cover that. You should be able to assess JRA website from where ever your going and then just mail me and I'll put the bets for you

Sean said...

Thanks a mill, Keith.

robert said...

Looks like the 4 year olds are going to take the top 3 spots in the Nikkei Shinshun Hai this Sunday. Can Hiruno or Rulership get a clean ride and take one of the top spots over a distance of more than 2000m? How is Kingdoms form? Will the extra weight slow him down? Should be a good one boys!