Friday, January 7, 2011

WELCOME BACK January 8th

Well Sean & Robert & Others..Here we are again. As you can see not much has changed from the blog YET. Give me some time, I've been very busy with the New Years and my daughters visit. My friend saw what I wanted to add to this blog and he recommended Word Press. I didn't realize but the host site that has my website includes Word Press. I took a look at the control panel..oh boy, it might be awhile. I'm not the best computer savvy guy in the world by any means, but I'll get at it!!

Now some people have written about this charity race. I will anoint one race every Sat & Sun as a charity race meaning everything I win if any all goes to charity. Not just profit but all return. For example. I buy 5 tickets at ¥500 ( Quinellas) that's ¥2500...Now,lets say the favorite combination comes in and pays only ¥300...that would be a ¥1500 return, of course there is no profit but that money still stays in the charity pool.Got it!.....If more people come on board then hopefully 4 times this year all punters can do this for just one race. I have my favorite charities but I during these times maybe we can select some " neutral" one. To make it easy, my charity races will consist of 5 ticket Quinella at ¥500 apiece...At first it doesn't sound like much but for an entire year of racing I'm sure it will add up. I've already given 25,000 to start the fund.

@ Robert..Yes, actually I will be in Vegas in August. Lets definitely try to meet. Anyone can join the Super Hilton Contest. The fee is $2000, and you have to sign up in person. After that you can use a courrior service that will submit the selections for you. It runs about $75 a month.

January isn't going to be a big month for me wagering wise on here I don't think? But the 12th race on Monday has a promising 35-1 I like. Not much interest until the Spring comes anyway .
Now Down To Business>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kyoto 7th Race..#12 Reversal Blow

The Wager #12 with 1,3,14,16 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta

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Sean said...


I'm happy to take part in those 4 races for charity but I want any proceeds to go to sexaholics anonymous...Just kidding. But how will it work? If we win the race should we send the proceeds to you or to the charity directly?

Unfortunately I doubt I'll get to Vegas this year. I am, however, going to Belgium, the Netherlands and England later this month on business. Keith, I think Joe Capucino might clean up in the sprints this year. He's scheduled to run in the Silk Road stakes later this month (when I'll be in Europe). I probably won't have time for it but I might ask you to, uh, do me a favor. Would make it worth your while were I to win. Anyways, yoroshiku.