Friday, January 14, 2011

January 15th

Sorry no selections for today.


Keith Hagstrom said...

Robert, It definitely looks entertaining. I like the Keisei Hai somewhat better for a wagering race although. Did you read the info about the Hilton contest you inquired about?

robert said...

Hey Keith,

Cheers on the info about the Hilton contest. I'm really interested, but my only concern is having to send my picks from Japan. I'm going to see if my brother will send them from Canada for me. That would definitely be a lot easier.

Do you have any NFL plays this weekend? I'm taking Atlanta ML (-117) and Jets/NE under 44.5 (-107).

I think I going to make a play on the G3 at Nakayama, too. I'm going to centre all of my bets around the 2 horse. The other horses I will be backing are 5,9 and 11. As of now, what horses do you like?

robert said...

I think that a case could be made for 6,8 as well, but what do you think about doing an exacta box with the four horses I mentioned in my previous post?