Monday, May 17, 2010

Paris Anyone?

Pack your bags and withdraw some money because all indications are pointing to Vista heading for France come October. I wrote here last year (March 10th) that Vista will be the next super star in the racing world. She will be able to cement that fact with a win in the Arc De Triomphe...Of-course for better odds, a trip to England in August for " early pricing " might be in the cards.

* The Tokyo track is favoring late stretch time, particular on dirt. Horses that had the fastest stretch time in their previous start won in 12/24 races over the weekend

* We got a nice return on our ¥5000 11-2 ticket yesterday. ( ¥140,000)

* Hit your head on the wall moment: Attacking the Victoria Mile for me was basically to bet against Red Desire..Saturday night I configured a" random trifecta box", keying #11 (vista) with 6 other horses for ¥2000 ( 21 tickets total..¥42,000)..other horses were 2,3,6,7,10,14...But on Sunday for what reason I'm stil not sure I decided to substitute the # 1 horse INSTEAD of 10!!! A costly decision of over ¥600,000. Agggg

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