Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 22nd Selections



Tokyo 11 Race Japanese OAKS
#3 Bouncy Tune & 1,5,13,14,17

The Wager : 1,5,13,14,17 ¥1000 Quinella Box ( 10 tickets)
#3 with 1,5,13,14,17 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta( 10 tickets)

Kyoto 11 Race

# 1 Civil War & 2,3,6,15

The Wager: 2,3,6,15 ¥1000 Quinella Box ( 6 tickets)
#1 with 2,3,6,15 ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta ( 8 tickets)


Keith Hagstrom said...

Its forecast for sporadic rain tomorrow afternoon? I dont think we will get a downpour though.

robert said...

If it's a downpour, there might be some serious money to be made. I'm sticking with my picks. GL boys! :)

Sean said...

16 is definitely a little overvalued because of her blue blood - her famous Mom and Grandma both won this race. She's definitely overhyped but I asked myself would I still wanna buy this horse if she didn't have the great bloodlines and my answer was yes. She probably won't peak until the fall but in this field she could do well. (I maintain that most of these horses are crap.)

All bets are off if we get flooded but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Marcelina should win this race. Ando is confidently predicting victory and he's one of the straight shooters among the jockeys and trainers - I gotta believe him. Whale should factor too but her jockey can be stupid.
Wager: 1-9-12, 9-12-16, 1-9-16, 3000 yen trios
9-1-12, 9-16-12 3000 yen trifectas
(1-5), (5-8), (5-6) 2000 yen gates

Kyoto 11R
Wager: 9 with 2,3,6, 8, and 13 2000 yen one way exactas and 9 and the same horses 1000 yen quinellas.

robert said...

Sean, Ando is predicting it?! That's bold considering... Just outta curiosity where did u read this?

Sean said...

Some jockeys like Matsuoka predict a lopsided victory for their horse every single time but Ando is more honest. Anyways, here's the interview (in Japanese):

Keith Hagstrom said...

not a rain cloud in site

robert said...

Cheers for the update Keith! Also thanks for that article Sean!

I don't know how much you guys follow trends, but no horse ranked the 6th favorite or less has ever won the Oaks and those same horses have only finished in the top 3 about five percent of the time when the track has been firm...

I think most of my money will be on 3,9&12 and I'll buy a little 11&17 too.

Keith, what do you see in Civil War? Is it just a hunch or do you know something we don't?

robert said...

It's really coming down here now...

Keith Hagstrom said...

Robert, just had a vibe that this would be a big payoff main race day. Dont feel too bad about either race but quite franly I should have included Goto in my longshot package but it wouldnt had mattered anyway. Convinced myself a long time ago not to play the favorites in this Oaks so no regrets. DERBY next week. Its a fun race to handicap for sure

Sean said...

So much for trusting Ando...LOL

I actually liked 18 although I didn't buy her except as an insurance gate but I liked her because she finished a strong second to 4, today's winner, two races ago. I thought she was the stronger horse so I didn't give 4 much thought. It's funny though how often the same two horses finish 1-2.

I actually didn't have a good feeling about my picks so I bet lighter than I posted yesterday and I also changed my picks in Kyoto. It didn't matter - lost both races but came heartbreakingly close in Kyoto.

The Derby should be a blast. I just hope we don't get torrential rain an hour before the race...

Sean said...

Oh, btw, I'll be in Kyushu next weekend for my cousin's wedding. Will need someone to place my Derby bet. Yoroshiku! Keith, you're flush right now. Can I impose on you?

Keith Hagstrom said...

Sean, sure. But there will most likely alot of people calling me. Could you "reserve" how much ur betting so I can make sure it all holds. If its under 30,000 there wont be a problem. If more let me know. Cheers

Sean said...

Keith, thanks. I'll keep it under 30.

robert said...

Unlucky today boys. I haven't been doing all so well the last couple months so unless I hit it pretty big next week I think I'm going to take a little break from betting the 3 year olds.

Sean, I can place bets for you next weekend if you want me to. If you tell me your bets for the derby by 2 o'clock Sunday, I can place them for you for pretty much whatever amount you wanna throw down.

I had been strongly thinking about coming to Tokyo for the Derby for some time, but unfortunately I am just way to busy right now to make the trip. I really want to hit the track with you boys sometime this year so let's definitely do it up one weekend soon. I work Mon-Sat during the Uni academic year so it makes it tough to make the trip up there, but let's try and do it up soon! :)

An Advocate of Beer said...

Well, Didn't see that coming!

Either way, thanks for the good hit Saturday!