Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14th Selection

Tokyo 11 Race Keio Hai

Boxing 5, 6,7,14,15 with a double ¥¥ key with 5

The Wager ( 5-horse Box * above horses) for ¥1000 Each-Way Exacta except for # 5 which has ¥2000 Each-Way


Craig said...

Play it again, Silport aka: Double or nothing on Sean's Life
Hey gang. After going back to the lab again, the new theory is to regulate & diversify. Which is a bit of a paradox. Cap the bets and make multiple types of wagers. Without further adeue, adoo,...a'duu Uh, here it is.
My weekend wagers:
The weekend wager:
5/14 Tokyo GII 1400
Win 1@¥1000
Exacta each way 2-11,2-14@¥500
Wide 1-9-11@¥1000
Trifecta Box 2-11-14-15-16@¥100

5/15 Tokyo GI 1600
Win 8@¥1000
Exacta each way 13-16@¥1000
Wide 8-13-16@¥1000
Trifecta 1 Banker Multi 13w/ 2-4-7-8-15@¥100

Sean said...

I'll try a 5-6-10-12 box for today's GII, 1000 yen each way exactas.
I'm jumping off Tokyo Tower if Silport wins...

robert said...

Hey boys! I ended up kinda boxing 2,7,11&12. I also took Gates 3-4 for a little insurance. I also put ¥500 each on quintellas 6-15,7-15&11-15. Total bet ¥11500. GL